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New Paths to Opportunity

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Ready to move forward with a new product or service? Need help landing a major client or partner? We help you blaze the path. Combining product strategy, extensive health innovation relationships and multiple startup exits, Flying Cloud Health delivers results. Together, we will find the right combination of people, process and technology to help drive massive impact on healthcare access, health care costs and healthcare impact, and we can move fast.

Since the pandemic started, recent services provided included:

  • Helping a foundation define an operational flow to deliver high output COVID testing with an average net promoter score of 90%.

  • Helping a start up pitch, land deliver a new marketing project focused on remote cancer content program to a major pharmaceutical company.

  • Helping an established startup land a new payer client for digital fitness services.

  • Designing, launching and scaling a no-code CRM system to support voice, text, email and chat support within one month, supporting 2,300 calls in a day within two months after launch. Hiring staff, management and outsource contractors.

  • Helping a foundation identify, contract and manage a tech platform partnership for COVID-19 testing and vaccination and then helping the company land its cornerstone partnership with a regional University.

  • Helping a tech platform set up a fifty state medical practice, including writing out job descriptions, hiring and managing the first staff, describing next steps and critical paths to revenue.

  • Helping a COVID-19 testing company convert to vaccines by identifying and landing a major health system partner to provide vaccines and a provider group o deliver vaccination services during peak vaccination period of 2021.

Our product and tech background help us move bigger mountains in health than ever before. The new era of no-code and low-code solutions combined with our broad health tech experience and national connections help us do more with less. Whether it's public health, payers, providers, pharma or people/patients, we have worked on successful projects in your realm and are ready to start.

The most important aspect of FCH's formula is teamwork. For all engagements, we work as part of your team. Working closely with the executive team, product team, sales team and core stakeholders, we identify needs and deliver projects that massively expand value and/or scope as needed. This includes an ability to pull in staff who can deliver security, marketing, technology, analytics, clinical insights, research and design to fill in existing gaps. We can even write job descriptions and support new hiring.

Learn more by contacting us today. Let's climb the next mountain together!

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